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There are loads of adverts from Jason White www.takesurveyforcash.com promsing gargantuan income, as high as £3,500 per month just for taking surveys. Jason White started his website in 2010 in USA, and has separate websites for both Australia and UK. Indeed he uses another name in his Australia website with the same picture. This can only tell us one thing,  he cannot be trusted, or why would he use another name with his picture in his Australia website? Let us go to the basics:

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Major disadvantage: The programme he wants you to sign up for contains many upsell. For those who do not know upsell is, this is money you will have to pay  to proceed further in the programme. Failure to further commit this way locks you out of the programme, and you loose your initial payment. This indicates that there are hidden cost to what we are shown as initial payment.

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Most genuine surveys companies DO NOT actually ask you for any payment in order to register, so beware of the ones that do, as these are usually scams.

Not a get rich quick thing

It is important that those who seriously wants to make money online do not look for a kind of easy, push button system. This is what scammers use to lure people and they fall prey, loose good money chasing after the bad. Also taking surveys can only give you few pounds here, and there, and unless you register for many, you are never going to make anything substantial. Nevertheless you can register free here for a genuine company for surveys here.






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