Tata Steel merges with ThyssenKrupp




It is believed up to 8,000 jobs will be lost in UK Steel industry when UK Tata Steel merges with ThyssenKrupp. The move is to combat the influx of Chinese Steel in Euro market. The strategy is to improve on the quality over the Chinese to give them an added advantage.

Job Losses

This merger unfortunately will cause yet another job loss. This can be you next time, and what are you doing about it? Mergers acquisition, redundancies, robots and you named it is all sending ripples across job markets.

Be your own boss.

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2 thoughts on “Tata Steel merges with ThyssenKrupp”

  1. This is a sad story. Every time there’s merger and or acquisition, jobs are at risk. Each one of us can no longer sit on the fence, and trust these conglomerates to put food on our tables. You rightly said that looking at online business is the way forward. I will have to look again at this your Wealthy Affiliate program.
    Thank you.

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