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Most people think job security and financial freedom is the same. Unfortunately for those who think so, it is not.

Job security is the assurance that a person with the necessary skill will continue to be employed. There are some industries like health and social care, IT, Police and other security personnel, counsellors & therapists, vet and other auxiliary workers  where employment is high, and will continue to be so.

Financial freedom on the other hand indicated being able to live the desired lifestyles without the need of a regular salary or wages.

Multiple Jobs

Some people in other to get that much needed job security take up multiple jobs, working round the clock, leaving little time for family and leisure. This reminds me of the quote by Dalai Lama, where people sacrifice their health to make money, and later when their health fails, they will now use money to salvage the damage. A very sad irony indeed.

The truth is that there’s nothing like a safe or secured job, and being an employee is one of the riskiest thing in life as one can be fired any day.

The Wrong Mindset

The main reason why most seek job security over financial freedom is the wrong mindset developed from college days.  We used to believe in go to college, get a good degree, secure a good job, and that is it, you are done. Unfortunately this does not work for the vast majority of people, and its always too late before they found out. The education system still does not teach Financial freedom, and that is most are in huge debts up till today.

Financial Freedom involves learning about financial discipline.

The New Financial Freedom

The new financial freedom is starting a business as soon as you can even alongside your day’s job. Learn this from Robert Kiyosaki here. Learn also to invest properly, but not necessarily in savings account.

Starting an online business is one of the cheapest way to starting your business alongside your day’s job. That is why this website recommends Wealthy Affiliate University, that teaches you all that can be taught on online business, gaining the very rich wealth of knowledge to put on the path of that much needed financial freedom. You can register here.

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