What is Voice Recognition Scam?




Voice Recognition scams which wiped off several hundreds out of people’s bank balances are now creeping in, into UK.  Voice Recognition uses voice signatures to charge you for products and services, and it is perfectly legal if you subscribe to it. However this Voice Recognition Payment has created a huge loophole for scammers’ action.

How Voice Recognition Work

You get a phone call from a local number,  the person on the phone will introduce himself, his products and or services. The person then will ask you a very direct question, ‘ CAN YOU HEAR ME?’ Your answer is recorded. If you say ‘YES’, your response can be edited, and subsequently use in purchases of goods and services that you know nothing about.  Your voice recording can also be tendered as evidence of an agreement to the transaction.

Of course, for scammers to be able to lay hold on you paying for goods and services, will target you for others too, like laying hold on card details and other useful IDs like your (DOB), and residential address.  The scammers are ready to delay getting these useful information about you on delay tactics.  That is, once they have your voice recorded saying ‘YES’, they can look for an avenue to get others, like your address and card details. A good example of this is offering a sample product, and asking that you only pay for the postage. If you agree to this, both you address and card details are then at their disposal.

How to protect yourself from Voice Recognition Scam

If you ever get any such call, and the person ask you ‘CAN YOU HEAR ME?’  don’t give any direct question like ‘YES’, you can say, ‘I CAN HEAR YOU CLEARLY’. Needless to say, just hang up the phone after that. And you must remember not to say ‘YES’ on the phone during phone conversation to telemarketers, especially to anyone you do not know.

Do not agree to test product samples that you will have to pay for the postage. You might think you are having a bargain, but the actual motive here is getting your bank details and or residential address. to further defraud you. Indeed, let caution be your watch word.



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