What are robot proof profession?




What jobs will survive technological and automation revolution, in the future, that is what are robot-proof jobs?  Yes, in deed the trend in automation means you can lose your job. Research indicates that some professions like accountants, sales and customer service officers are doomed with the upsurge of robotic technology and automation.

Professions like composers, artists, nurses, social and care workers, child care workers, hair dressers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, dancers and cosmetologists, occupation therapists, cooks and domestic house keepers are definitely not going to be affected. This can only mean one thing – human empathy, care and understanding are still very much in demand.

What’s next for you?

A change in career well ahead you might say. Not necessarily so. The best option is for you to learn and develop a skill that will make you independent, self sufficient, and able to stand on your own. What can that be, you may ask?

Online business – the job of the future

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