What is Get Profit 365?




Overall Ranking: 0 (Stay Clear)

Price: $5 (or in multiple thereof)

Owners: The identity of the owner is hidden but two administrators are named in the registration paper as Nelson Ferreira and Tessa Mittelman.

Get Profit 365

Website: http://www.getprofit365.com

Introduction – Registration into the scheme is free , although  no particular product or service is promoted, all there is to get a minimum of $5 PowerLine AdPack which will get you 5000 advertising credit and a position in the PowerLine  System to advertise in the company website in order to recruit others who will fall into your down line.  To be an affiliate or be entitled to the compensation, you or your recruit must have purchased minimum of four AdPacks (at $5 each, costing $20). Three level of compensation is possible according to the administrators   Level 1 – 5%, Level 2- 3%, Level 3 – 2% It says when a position closes, the top person on the queue gets $15, next gets $10 and $5 and so on.

Pros:  – No money is required to register, and the overall cost of either either $5 or $20 is still relatively small to invest, if the compensation will come in as explained in the scheme.

Cons: The compensation system depends hugely on referral buying the four PowerLine AdPack at $20. The issue here is that this compensation structure is not clear, and it will be a huge work to convince others out there to buy four at a go, especially with all the scams out there, all with little money here and there, people now want to be sure before investing their money. It promises that you can make good money doing nothing. This is rather unfortunate as most scams do promise the so called ‘DONE FOR YOU MONEY MAKING SYSTEM’  Do not believe in any scheme that promises gargantuan riches with no or little effort. Definitely good online and profitable business do require you to put loads of effort, training and action before you can succeed.

Final Opinion/verdict

What actually is PowerLine System? This is not explained in the scheme, and what are you advertising on their website for what? Usually if an operation of a  scheme is that dodgy, and the owners are not willing to put themselves out for all to know, I will not invest a dime on it.

My personal recommendation

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