What Is Your Vocation?

Wikipedia defined vocation as ‘AN OCCUPATION TO WHICH A PERSON IS SPECIFICALLY DRAWN, OR TO WHICH THEY ARE SUITED, TRAINED OR QUALIFIED.’ This gives an idea of what you think you are specifically drawn to. Dale Carnegie once said that:

‘People hardly succeed unless they find fun in what they are doing’

So what is important here is the suitability of what you want to do. Most people are drawn into one form of a business model or the other, simply because of the huge financial benefits, without considering whether this is the sort of business model they want to operate for the rest of their lives. Now we must remember Abraham Maslow accentuation of needs, perhaps when the money now comes, they will no longer enjoy what they are doing, and will have to sell off.

Vocation Lays An Obligation On A Person

Having a vocation lays enormous responsibility in a person. This is because one has to struggle to claim the victory. Such struggles involves ability to succeed by ensuring adequate training, putting efforts to ensure success, unremitting persevearance and ceaseless dilligence. Such obligation is fuelled by purpose, purpose of your commitment to your family, to others you want to treat or bless, and to yourself to live your dream lifestyle. We can now look at each of these individually.

How seriously do you take up your obligation
How Seriously Do You Take On Your Obligation?

Adequate And Relevant Training

If you believe in your calling, you will want to ensure you are adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. And one way of doing that is to ensure you look for an institution that can well support your desire to be the best you can in that field. The same is true for your online business. In fact, online business education is even more important now than ever. Why is this? There are too many bubbles out there, bubbles and babblings, scammers and achievers are both promising gargantuan streams of income, some within a short time of your joining their scheme or training. This makes it important to get training to know where you are going, and how to get there. Like all things, it is initially difficult, but with training, you are now master. You are able to navigate your path, choose the type of online business that you believe it is your calling, and stay focused until you are completely fulfilled.

Putting Out All Effort To Achieve Success

Once you know what needs to be done, it is then left to you to put effort into what you are doing. And most importantly remain focused. Diversion and distraction are the killers of online business success. This is because there are many what we call ‘SHINY OBJECTS’, and unless you are committed and believe in your calling to a particular niche, it is often easy to get distracted.

Putting out all effort means to follow closely the guideline of your mentor and training programmes. Work at least consistently and every day in your online work. Get help and instruction on those dodgy areas, until you master them. Ask question until you are satisfied, be inquisitive to whatever is in the way of your understanding. Before you know it, you are getting there, and in better shape too.

Unremitting Perservearance

I will tell you one secret today, online business is one of the slowest growth out there. Do not believe those who tell you that you can make millions in a few days. This is the sort of story that people want to believe, and this is what scammers use to enrich themselves. People believe in such stupid story as a rotator that will give them organic traffic, allow them to sell whatever, and make huge profits. They are all lies, online business success needs perseverance. It does take time to register your online presence, for people to know and recognise you, and build up confidence enough for people to be able to part with their money. Also, your online activities will be closely monitored, and reviewers will scan you, so to say before that confidence is achieved. All these do take time to build up.

The good thing about all these is that you are assured of success if you stay true to your calling (niche) until you reach your goal (success). In fact, if you are serious about online success, it is one sure way to live your dream lifestyle.

Ceaseless Dilligence

Online business success requires honest and persistent, uninterrupted effort to achieve success. This effort is directed towards a clear understanding of what you are doing, and what is required. This you would have obtained from training and mentoring. You develop your creative output alongside others that you emulate and are proud of. This also means never giving up, working tirelessly, with all positivity and encouragement you can master. Such is the life of an online worker. So do not allow anyone to deceive you that these are what you can easily scale through. It takes time, effort and of course ceaseless diligence to succeed online.

Set Yourself Free

Set yourself free from living lives of mediocrity, live your dream lifestyle. Remember if you are gifted, you can do something to improve on such a gift. Do not bury your talent, nor trifle with the high mission awaiting you. the high mission of taking control of your life and your success, and those around you that God has put along your path to bless. Many are doing it, and you too can do. But you must try. Start a free starter course programme now.

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