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Home based internet business will require some basic tools for you to function effectively and work smart.

Internet Access – here you need a standard unlimited download internet access from a reliable provider. Reliability is uninterrupted access, not the one that will be on and off, freeze or cut off entirely while you are busy on it.  If you can afford a fibre optic , then go ahead and get it. Fibre optic just mean that the data can zoom from the provider’s exchange in a jiffy, that is as quickly as on a second. This will help, should you need to download or open up multi windows on your desk or laptop.


Sitting upright will help your back.
Sitting upright will help your back.

Desk/Laptop computer –  Although desktop are no longer fashionable, you will need a good basic laptop or desk top. The choice depends entirely on you and your preference. A desktop allows you to sit down properly on a desk and table setting, while a laptop is more relaxing, and can be shifted to a more comfortable or convenience sitting like on a sofa or bed, although this is not recommended. It is important to take your home based business very seriously, and sitting arrangement is one of it.

Business needs growth
Business needs growth

All in one PC – this is good if you have to manage your space and save on cabling.  Look for a good one with high memory, hard drive, separate graphic card, and LED screen.  This does not necessarily have to cost a fortune as you can always get a good new one from many providers, Amazon being one of them. Take advantage to read many reviews before picking up the one that is best for you.

Laptop – look for a fast one, a bit of silence, and generally of good performance to allow you to run multiple programs and downloading. You also need a bit of wire connectivity as well with one with a USB port.  It is important to be able to use optical mouse to speed up your work.

An essential tool for online business is INTERNET SECURITY to prevent spamming and hacking of your website. If you host with a good company like Site Domains, then you do not really have to get a separate internet security.

Office Chair and Table – In an office environment, this is an essential requirement of workplace insurance for better health of workers. This should not be overlooked in home based setting  as well. Get a comfortable set of office furniture for your study at home, as this will help your back if your sitting arrangement is fine.

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