You are never too old to set a new goal




You are probably thinking of your age, that you are at the mature age to retire. Do not think so. Have you seen the ‘Seven Seas’ advert recently? It says age is not about how old you are, but how you feel inside’. That is exactly what I want you to look at today. You are never too old to dream up a new set of goals or start up yourself in a new career if you really want to do it. You are the only the person who can limit yourself in achieving this dream.

Others have done it – famous entrepreneurs

So why not you.  Throughout  history,  mature people have defiled the norm by starting their own business, and making success of it. They have been able to work towards achieving their life dreams, putting their age aside, and getting fulfilled as a result.

Look at this link: You’re never to old to start a new venture

Take advantage of the digital age

The trend of e-procurement definitely makes online business a business of the future, one  you will not regret venturing into. But before you can make success of anything worthwhile, you need the necessary training and education to spear head the right direction, so that you will not get lost in a sea of chaos, scam and empty promises in most online ventures.

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